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Help for Victims of Slip, Trips, and Falls

Have you or a loved one recently been injured in a slip and fall accident? Are you struggling with severe pain on a daily basis? Was your accident the direct result of another individual’s careless and negligent behavior? If this is the case, don’t wait another day. Call Kahn Roven, LLP to schedule a consultation to review your case options. For the past 30 years our lead attorney Robert Kahn has been helping victims living in Los Angeles and the surrounding area secure the kind of compensation they deserve. Don’t let another person’s thoughtless actions impact your life anymore than they already have. Contact the knowledgeable personal injury team of Kahn Roven, LLP, at (844) 9-INJURED.

Kahn Roven, LLP Slip and Fall Case Result: $300,000

The plaintiff slipped and fell on a slippery substance on the floor that the restaurant was cleaning up. She suffered a broken thigh. View more case results here.

Of course, you may be asking yourself: “Can anyone be held responsible for my injuries?

Quite simply – yes. Slip and fall injuries put an enormous strain on our health care system every year, with millions of people sent to the emergency room with minor to life-altering injuries on a regular basis. While many of these accidents are simple mistakes, most are preventable and the direct result of another party’s negligent behavior. These incidents cover a wide range of possible situations, but some of the more common causes include:

  • Slippery floors and walkways found in department stores, malls, grocery marts, and other commercial buildings.
  • Broken or severely dilapidated hallways, sidewalks, stairwells, handrails, and walkways found in apartment buildings.
  • Debris found in and around disorganized construction sites, such as loose wires, cables and cords.
  • Snow, ice and rain build up in parking lots and other such public spaces.

Whether you’ve experienced one of these particular conditions, or something similar, you may have been put into harm’s way without even realizing it. However, the key to successfully filing a personal injury claim is proving how you were placed in danger and who made it possible. Call the slip and fall attorneys at Kahn Roven, LLP and let us begin building your case without delay.

What Kind of Damages Can I Recover in Los Angeles?

Every case is unique and at Kahn Roven, LLP we know details are crucial, especially when it comes to slip and fall cases. Depending on the type of injuries you suffered and the degree of negligence involved, you could be eligible for considerable awards. Over the course of three decades, we have witnessed personal injury victims successfully claim for one or more of the following:

  • Emergency medical expenses
  • Long term hospital treatment
  • Physical therapy and rehabilitation
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of wages and employment

The Time To Act Is Now

At Kahn Roven, LLP we have watched many hard working families struggle to recoup what was lost in a slip and fall accident. That is why we work on a contingency basis. This means, you don’t pay a dime until we have secured a fair and full compensation. While you take the time to heal, we’ll take the fight to them. Call today and schedule an appointment with a member of our personal injury team at (844) 9-INJURED.

Slip and Fall Case Results

Employee v Employer

Practice Area: Slip and Fall
Outcome: $300,000

Person v Entity

Practice Area: Slip and Fall
Outcome: $275,000

Patron v Hotel

Practice Area: Slip and Fall
Outcome: $230,000

Person v Medical Center

Practice Area: Slip and Fall
Outcome: $225,000

Patron v Store

Practice Area: Slip and Fall
Outcome: $170,000

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