Sidewalk Repairs vs. Los Angeles Property Owners

Premises Liability LawyerIn what will undoubtedly become a contentious, potentially even litigious, shift in policy, Los Angeles civil leaders are deciding whether to hold property owners responsible for the broken sidewalks in front of their land. At the moment, the city pays for all repairs and is looking at fixing nearly 4,000 miles of broken and cracked walkways over the next three decades. The cost of such repairs would soar well into the billions, which has many on city counsel debating whether landowners should help foot the bill. This has many critics and supporters of the action coming out in force.

As reported by ABC 7, city leaders held the first round of public forums to explain in detail their proposal. These hearings come after months of research and examination of Los Angeles’ overwhelming sidewalk problem. As explained by City Administrative Officer Miguel Santana, the city will front the initial cost of repairs and guarantee the work for up to five years. After that, property owners will take on the responsibility. The city has already set aside $1.4 billion dollars for the project, with another $27 million actively involved in repairs. Unfortunately, this barely scratches the surface in terms of fixing the wider issue.

Additional recommendations from city leaders include a 50 / 50 split with homeowners, as well as maintaining the current model of entirely city-owned sidewalks. Hearings on the various proposals are expected to continue through the early part of the summer.

Keep in mind, if you slip and fall on a broken sidewalk, you may have grounds to take legal action. However, who is responsible will greatly depend on where you actually fell. While some city sidewalks seem to go right up to most buildings, there are in fact boundaries, which indicate where the property owner’s responsibility begins and the city’s ends.

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