Raising Awareness on Pedestrian Collisions in LA

Pedestrian Accident LawyerWhile many Angelenos firmly believe in the old adage that “nobody walks in LA,” there are millions of others who actually spend a great deal of time walking to work, home and school every day. To that end, the advocacy group, Los Angeles Walks, is spearheading an initiative to enlighten walkers and motorists alike about the dangers associated with pedestrian related car collisions.

As initially reported by NBC 4, the association has released a “hot spot” map that outlines the city’s most dangerous intersections and how many pedestrian accidents have occurred in that area over the course of four years. The map’s area stretches from the corner of Hollywood and Highland to as far south as Vermont and Vernon.

According to the group’s research there are over 2,700 pedestrian related collisions each year, with many of them left unreported. With this new map, Los Angeles Walks hopes to raise awareness about these statistics while providing information that may prevent other such incidents. “Every couple of days we see in the news, someone’s either been in a hit-and-run while walking or been killed, and we hope that we raise awareness to address this and make it safer for all of us so we can enjoy LA,” said LA Walks representative Jessica Meaney. “We hope that a map like this, in raising awareness like that, will cause our city leaders to take action and say ‘100 deaths of people walking a year is not acceptable.”

Founded in 1998, Los Angeles Walks holds a number of events each year to “make walking safe, accessible and fun for all Angelenos.” For information visit their website. Additionally, if you have been injured or hurt in a pedestrian accident you have the right to seek legal representation. Contact the pedestrian accident attorneys at Kahn Roven for more information. Call (213) 738-0708 or use the Start Chat button on this page to speak with a representative right away.

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