Los Angeles Premises Liability Attorneys

Hiring Legal Representation After a Premises Injury

file a slip and fall claimEveryone has an accident now and again. But if the accident occurs on someone’s property and could have been easily prevented, you may be able to take legal action. Contact the law firm of Kahn Roven, LLP today to discuss your rights and options with a qualified personal injury attorney in Los Angeles. For well over 30 years we have successfully represented victims of negligent property owners throughout Southern California. Our firm is dedicated to helping you recover the kind of compensation you deserve.

But do not wait too long to come forward. Property liability cases can be tricky. You need to prove the owner of the building was negligent in his or her actions, which can be more difficult than it sounds. The sooner we establish your case, the greater the odds we’ll have at winning it.

Dangerous Conditions

Because such accidents often happen in environments that can change overnight, it is a race against the clock to preserve your claim. Examples of such situations and conditions include:

  • Slippery stairwells in office or apartment buildings
  • Poorly maintained sidewalks in front of commercial or private buildings
  • Dangerous construction sites, lacking in adequate safety measures
  • Falling debris from dilapidated buildings
  • Assaults in or near a building with poor lighting or security

Odds are, if you have encountered any one of these circumstances or something similar, the owner of the building or real estate could be held responsible for your injuries. Call Kahn Roven, LLP today at (888) 366-5854 to schedule a free consultation and case evaluation.

What Do I Do Now?

Depending on the severity of your wounds, we’ll assume you’ve taken the time to visit a doctor and received a proper check-up. If not, make your way to a hospital, family doctor or clinic now. No matter how minor your injuries may appear, having a doctor scan you can serve both your physical health and legal success in the long run. Defense teams can use the lack of a hospital visit against you during the settlement or trial.

Also, regardless of whether you are presently in the hospital because of your injuries or you are able to get around, we highly recommend collecting as much evidence from the accident scene as possible: photos, videos, witness statements and information, etc. Have a friend or family member gather this evidence up if you are unable to do so. If the accident was severe enough, there may be a police report available to you and your lawyer. Retain everything – you never know when it might come in handy during the course of your case.

Contact Kahn Roven, LLP to begin the process of filing your claim. As mentioned before, premises liability can be tricky due the temporary nature of the accident itself and proving a property owner’s neglect. Additionally, the statute of limitations in the California only allows for a two-year window of opportunity. If you fail to submit your claim within that time, you could lose your chance at any financial compensation.

In Your Best Interests

The personal injury team at Kahn Roven, LLP is here to help you and your family get back on track following a serious accident. For more information on your legal rights and options, call our office today at (888) 366-5854.

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