Porter Ranch Gas Leak

Communities in the Los Angeles towns of Porter Ranch, Chatsworth, Northridge, and Granada Hills, are being affected by this gas leak. This is sometimes referred to as one of the largest disasters besides the BP oil spill. Since October 2015, gas has been leaking from the Porter Ranch site, and it’s one of the largest gas leaks and history.

About 200,000 people live in these areas, many of them having to be relocated.

Many lawsuits have been filed against the Southern California Gas Company for money for peoples physical injuries, and economic losses such as relocation fees and loss of property value. According to many of the lawsuits, the Southern California gas company did not have a working safety valve in one of their gas wells since the late 70s. A working and functioning valve may not have prevented the entire leak, but it could have prevented a lot of the problems associated with the leak.

Long Term Injuries

The natural gas may contain small amounts of toxic chemicals which can have many long-term health effects due to exposure. One of the greatest chemical concerns is benzene, which is a carcinogen. Several tests showed that the levels of benzene were much higher than normal, showing that they may contribute to people’s injuries.

If you’re exhibiting any of the following effects, please call us at 844-9-INJURED:

– Nausea/Vomiting
– Teeth/Gum/Mouth Problems
– Skin Problems
– Headaches
– Dizziness
– Lightheadedness
– Nosebleeds
– Vision Issues
– Ear Problems
– Worsening of current health issues

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