Personal Injury – How Much Damages Do You Claim?

Personal injury compensation is a vast minefield that extends much beyond the medical treatment and other costs due to the injury. What you need is a skilled lawyer who can guide you through the situation.


What do you do when you have been involved in a car, motorcycle, truck or other accident? Do you suffer in silence due to someone else’s negligence or claim redressal from the responsible party?

Most people are aware of their rights and make it a point to file a claim with the party at fault or their insurance company. However, the amount of compensation they demand is usually limited to the hospital bills and other medical costs.

Instead, if the victim were to first approach a car or truck accident attorney in Los Angeles, California, the legal representative can apprise you of your complete claims and rights.

For instance, the settlement amount is not limited to the hospital expenses or fees for treating the injuries. It can also cover the extended therapy and rehabilitation, continued nursing care and other medical requirements. Moreover, as the victim will miss work due to the injury, the compensation should include the lost wages or even earning capacity, if applicable. The vehicle damage and repairs needs to be evaluated as well.

Furthermore, car or motorcycle accident attorneys in Los Angeles, California will also make it a point to calculate the pain, distress and suffering that you have undergone due to the accident. Indeed, personal injury compensation is not limited to the monetary losses and also seeks to reimburse the unfortunate victim for the emotional upheavals.

Now it is quite difficult for a layperson to decipher the damages he or she can claim, let alone estimate a fair and just figure for the legal compensation. Skilled personal injury lawyers (like Kahn Roven, LLP – can notify you of your rights and also ensure that you get the compensation you deserve.

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