One Dead in Los Angeles Metrolink Train Accident

Train AccidentsWhile not as common as car or truck accidents, pedestrian accidents with moving trains do happen here in the Southern California area. Sometimes the person was attempting to get ahead of the train. In others, it’s the fault of the train operator and company. Any train accident demands a great deal of investigation and research. This most certainly applies to a recent fatal accident involving a Metrolink train in El Monte.

As reported by the San Gabriel Valley Tribune, a man in his late 40s or early 50s was killed by a Metrolink train along Cogswell Road, between Exline Street and Lansdale Avenue. Witnesses suggested the man had attempted to cross the tracks as a train was coming. He ran to cross the street, but failed to get there in time, and the train struck him. El Monte police pronounced the man dead at the scene. A spokesman for Metrolink stated the conductor did apply his brakes when he saw the man trying to cross.

Witnesses stated that the guardrails and safety lights were on when the accident happened. No one onboard the train suffered injury.  Police are investigating the crash as an accident.

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