New Recalls Ring in the New Year for General Motors

While 2014 will most likely go down as a banner year for automotive recalls in the United States, if not worldwide, this year is shaping up to be yet another whopper for manufacturing giant General Motors, with 92,000 new trucks and SUVs being added to the mix. This brings the total number of vehicles recalled by the automaker to a record breaking 30 million.

The most recent recall involves the same mechanical issue found in last year’s massive recall: poorly measured ignition switches can suddenly switch to the off position while the car is at full speed, leading to horrific crashes.

To date, 13 deaths have been attributed to the defective part, with over 40 more claims resulting in death approved by the company’s Victim’s Compensation fund. Hundreds of individuals have been approved for benefits due to injuries, as well. General Motors is urging anyone who has purchased a car from their lineup in the past decade to review this list and contact a local dealership if they suspect their car may be part of the recall.

Each year, thousands of individuals and families are injured by defective products. Manufacturers more concerned with earning a quick buck, rather than producing a quality item, put the general public in harm’s way. If you have been injured, or lost a family member, to a potentially faulty item, we highly recommend speaking with an experience personal injury attorney today. Product liability can be tricky without proper representation – evidence can get lost or destroyed, making negligence difficult to prove.

In the case of General Motors, there are a number of key items that a qualified accident lawyer at Kahn  Roven will wish to review. If your car was involved in the most recent GM recall and you have reason to believe you suffered injuries or trauma as a result of the company’s negligence, give our office a call today.

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