New Bill Requires Recall Disclosure by Dealers

Vehicle Product Defects AttorneyYou’ve just driven off the lot with your new car. The dealership was practically giving them away, brand new with not a scratch in sight. The vehicle rides like a dream and you take a few detours on the way home just to soak in the moment. Unfortunately, as you are about to finish that last hairpin turn you catch a report on the radio – your brand new car has been recalled. In fact, it was recalled a month ago for a potentially deadly design flaw and the news bulletin you are hearing just so happens to repeat the information. How could this be? The dealership you just drove away from said nothing about this recall. Why would they sell you a car that could potentially end your life? Is it even legal?

Unfortunately, this is the market as it exists today for car consumers. Car dealers, rental agencies, and even private sellers are not obligated to divulge any potential liability issues that may exist with the car you are purchasing. For decades, car dealers have operated with impunity in this manner – hustling cars off the lot that they know full well could cause your entire family to be seriously hurt or killed.

A new bill introduced by the California New Car Dealers Association seeks to remedy at least one aspect of this issue. As reported by CBS 5 of San Francisco, California AB 287 passed the Assembly Transportation Committee this week and will likely face a new set of revisions before being voted upon.

The bill, which consumer advocates have been demanding for years, would force dealers to disclose any recall information that may currently exist on any new or used vehicle they sell. In some instances, it would even require the dealers to fix the defect before it could be sold. As explained by Monica Baumann of the California New Car Dealers Association, “What this bill does is give them information they didn’t have beforehand.”

However, many advocacy groups suggest the bill does not go far enough, allowing dealers to sell broken machines without fixing them. The fear is that the information would be disclosed in a discreet and almost hidden manner, which amounts to, as many opponents suggest, consumer fraud.

“This bill is going to allow dealers to sell cars with lethal safety defects to consumers and get away with it,” said Rosemary Shahan of the Center for Auto Reliability and Safety. Ms. Baumann believes opponents of the bill are being too staunch in their approach and something is better than nothing. Whatever the ultimate outcome of the legislation, this battle is expected to rage on for some time.

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