Multiple Injuries Following Downtown Construction Accident

Construction Injury AccidentWorkers at a site near Olive Street and Olympic Blvd. were treated for minor injuries after the building they were pouring concrete in partially collapsed.

According to an initial report by CBS LA, the workers were pouring concrete on the second floor of a residential building when it collapsed causing them to fall gradually into the first. No severe injuries were reported at the scene, although five of the seven workers were transported to the hospital for review.

Los Angeles Fire Department Chief David Perez stated “It wasn’t as much a rescue effort as much as it was patient care in this case.” The Occupation Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has opened an investigation into the cause of the collapse. The site itself was in the initial stage of construction when the accident happened.

Construction accidents happen every day, fortunately, some are not quite as serious as others. However, in each case the company in charge of the site has a responsibility to maintain the safety of its employees. Additionally, it is up to the worker’s employers to provide adequate insurance coverage in the event of accident. This is known as workers’ compensation in the state of California.

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