Mercury Spill Leaves Residents And Pets Ill

Premises Liability LawyerFederal investigators, emergency response crews and a HAZMAT team responded to what appeared to be an extensive mercury spill at a Simi Valley residence Monday evening. As reported by KTLA, ten people, including three firefighters, became ill after being exposed to the toxic chemical element.

The spill took place over a 100 ft patch along the 4100 block of Cochran Street. Approximately three to four lbs was spread out over a driveway that serves roughly six different homes.

Firefighters initially responded to the call around noon, but once it was determined the material was in fact the toxic metal, called for backup. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency along with the California Department of Toxic Substances Control arrived on the scene some time that night.

The spill is thought to have originated from electrical equipment being stored in the home of one of the residents. After falling seriously ill and throwing up for nearly three days the man contacted authorities.

A local veterinarian determined that the man’s dog also displayed signs of mercury poisoning. In total, six homes were evacuated for fear of further contact. Investigators are still unsure how the spill began.

Mercury is a naturally occurring and extremely toxic heavy metal that can cause severe illness and death if touched. The EPA and federal authorities encourage anyone who has witnesses a mercury spill, amounting to more than typically found in a thermometer, to call National Response Center immediately. If you have been exposed to such chemicals on another individual’s property, they could be held accountable for any damages you sustain in a premises liability claim.

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