Lumber Liquidators Pulls Chinese-Made Products

Woodland Hills Product DefectEmbattled floor company Lumber Liquidators made a surprise move recently, cancelling all laminate flooring contracts with its Chinese-based firms. This follows months of accusations and lawsuits over a 60 Minutes report that suggested the lumber company was installing Chinese-made flooring that had cancer-causing levels of formaldehyde well above California emissions standards.

As reported by the Wall Street Journal, the company had defended its choice stating the Chinese supplier’s materials are “completely safe,” but added that they will be conducting an investigation into the firm’s certification process. It is speculated that Freeh Group International Solutions LLC, an international research firm headed by former F.B.I. director and federal judge Louis J. Freeh, will conduct the inquiries.

Unfortunately, this has done little to pull Lumber Liquidator’s stock out of the fire. Confidence in the company has hit an all time low, despite news that tests on over 11,000 homes with the Chinese laminate showed that 97 percent were within the acceptable range of formaldehyde emissions. Many critics argue that the tests only sample the air – not the flooring itself, which could be rife with the known carcinogen. Additionally, the United States lacks a national standard for formaldehyde emissions occurring within the home.

Analysts predict that Lumber Liquidators will be able to withstand the fallout from this debacle. But with a class action lawsuit of over 100 people waiting in the wings, only time will tell.

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