Los Angeles Deputy’s Sex With 15-Year-Old Settles

The lawsuit against Deputy Kenneth Alexander has recently settled. The deputy pleaded no contest to one count of oral copulation with the minor. He was sentenced to five years of probation and 90 days of jail.

The civil lawsuit alleged personal injury, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and negligent supervision.

After a call at the girl’s home in December 2010, Deputy Alexander responded and gave the girl his business card and cell phone number. He said on his second time that “he really liked her” and to just “call him on his cell number if she had any problems,” according to the lawsuit.

After that occasion, the two of them started to have phone conversations that eventually developed into one that was “more sexual in nature,” the complaint says.

Finally, in January 2011, the very next month, the deputy encouraged the girl to go to his house, where he talked about how he had shot someone for the first time and about his partner’s indolence, according to the lawsuit. He also asked her to take naked photos of her as well, which she refused, the lawsuit alleged.

About a month later, she met with the deputy again, where the court documents stated that she performed oral sex on him.

Statutory rape and injury are serious offenses and should be reported to the local authorities right away. Also, the victim should get medical care as soon as possible as well.

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