Lawmakers Focus on State’s Crumbling Infrastructure

California Roads and BridgesAccording the American Society of Civil Engineers, California’s roads aren’t the worst in the country. That honor falls to Connecticut and Illinois, who tied for the worst with over 70% of their roadways being in poor condition. Unfortunately, we Californians aren’t very far behind. As of 2013 over 65% of the state’s roads were in poor condition and almost 7,000 of our bridges need to be repaired. Basically, California’s infrastructure is on life-support and rapidly declining.

As reported by NBC 7, lawmakers in Sacramento, including Gov. Jerry Brown, are very concerned.  Assembly Speaker Toni Atkins stated last week that people in government, “Have the responsibility to make sure we do our jobs in the Legislature along with the Governor to respond to our constituencies — the cities, the counties, in every part of the state.” That means pushing through a budget that covers the nearly $6 billion a year needed to repair the state’s broken down streets, highways and tunnels. The planned budget will include a combination of fuel taxes, high-mileage consumers, as well as fees on electric vehicles.

With thousands of miles of highway spanning almost half the west coast, California has its work cut out. Many Californians believe the job is just too big and raising that much money is impossible. However, with an increase in the number of accidents related to shoddy roadwork and crumbling bridges, there appears to be no avoiding it.

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