Keeping Kids Safe Around Dogs This Summer

Keep Kids Safe Around Dogs

A recent dog attack in Temecula has highlighted the need for parents to be fully involved in any interactions their children may have with dogs – friendly or not – this summer.

The incident in question left 3 children in the hospital and a family friend without their pet authorities say. CBS LA reports that the children – ages 4, 14 and 15 – were left home alone with the dog – a pit bull – that belonged to a family friend. According to the report, “Witnesses stated the dog mistook children playing as aggressive actions…” and proceeded to attack. Two of the children attempted to stop the animal from mauling the other, at which time it went after them.

The rest unfortunately is an all too common story that plays out every summer across the Southland. On top of that, Los Angeles has the dubious distinction of being the Dog Bite Capital of the country once again this year, after a record setting year of attacks in 2014.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. By taking a few extra cautionary steps around our four-legged friends, parents and children alike can avoid a potentially dangerous encounter. Consider the following tips before heading out to the dog park or beach this summer:

  • Never approach a dog without permission from the owner first – no exceptions!
  • Treat every dog like you would another person – no ear pulling, riding, tail grabbing and absolutely no pushing.
  • Never attempt to take something like a bone or a toy away from a dog – they will guard it fiercely!
  • Never jump, yell, scream or act violently around a dog – they will likely respond negatively and potentially attack you or others.
  • Parents should never leave their child and a dog unsupervised – without exception.

Unfortunately, sometimes all the safety tips in the world won’t stop an out of control dog. If you’ve been bitten or have a loved one who has been attacked by a dog, you may have legal options available. Contact Kahn Roven, LLP today to schedule a free case review.

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