Kahn Roven Offers to Assist in Household Services for Eligible Personal Injury Victims

When a person is severely injured, unforeseen consequences may occur. We understand that the victim of a serious injury may experience pain, discomfort, psychological trauma, and the like. However, there are some unforeseen consequences which can cause unforeseen stress: being unable to help around the house.

Sometimes, our clients are the ones who provide these services for their household. For example, their spouse could be out working during the day, and may not have the ability or time to provide those services. What are they left to do? Many times when these types of injured sign up with other lawyers, the lawyer may say that they are only going to deal with the injury aspect, and the client is left on their own to figure out what they are going to do about their loss of ability to provide household services.

Our Service

We are excited and proud to announce our new service: we will advance the costs and help coordinate household services for our eligible clients. That is why at Kahn Roven, where YOU matter, we aim to innovate the field of personal injury law. We go above and beyond the call of the law, which is to effectively provide legal services.

However, these unforeseen consequences of being a victim to serious personal injury, in our personal opinion, should be addressed as well as a part of our exceptional customer service.

Many of our clients do not have the financial wherewithal to pay for these household services. And once they’re injured, they are left with garbage piling, household getting dusty, children crying from being stuck at home with their injured parent, and the like. Sounds awful, right?

The Solution

So we came up with a solution to help ease the pain for our eligible clients. That is to advance the costs and help coordinate these household services. Some of the household services that we may advance the cost for include:

• House cleaning and maintenance
• Laundry
• Organizing
• Child care
• Gardening
• Elderly/Senior care
• Other routine household services

The Law

The inability to provide household services is so common and serious that California has a jury instruction for just that:

“3903E. Loss of Ability to Provide Household Services (Economic Damage)

[Insert number, e.g., “5.”] The loss of [name of plaintiff]’s ability to provide household services.

To recover damages for the loss of the ability to provide household services, [name of plaintiff] must prove the reasonable value of the services [he/she] would have been reasonably certain to provide to [his/her] household if the injury had not occurred.” CACI 3903E.

If proven correctly or settled within the case, these damages are recoverable in a personal injury matter. We believe the approach of advancing costs may be beneficial because there will be some proof of what the household services actually cost for the client in their case.

If you or a loved one has been injured, the injured may be able to recover the loss of ability to provide household services. Please call the Los Angeles personal injury lawyers at Kahn Roven at 818-888-9171 for more details.

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