Jury Awards $2.6 Million for Personal Injury Case

In August 2013, Kristin responded to an audition notice for a small production. Eager to pursue a career in entertainment, she showed up early, ready to please the production company and the director. During the production, the director asked for a stunt. The producers were not on set. The stunt was put together, and one of the people involved in the stunt had no experience in cheerleading stunts. It was improperly performed, and Kristin fell, fracturing her elbow.

This elbow fracture was particularly significant since it fractured in several places. The prognosis was not good, and we filed a lawsuit against the production company.29186949_1899512937027796_2582128145012359168_n

It was an extremely hard fought lawsuit. Years after litigation, they offered our client $75,000. Weeks before trial, they sent an offer for $400,000. We said no.

Before trial, there were many ex parte applications. We were going to court on a weekly basis. There were nearly 25 motions in limine. During trial there were three motions for mistrial by the defense.

The defense didn’t think Kristin’s case was worth very much. But today, we proved them wrong. The jury came back with a verdict in the amount of $2,646,973.73.


March 13, 2018

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