Job Roles of a Medical Malpractice Lawyer

A medical lawyer handles various medical lawsuits and other medical practice claims. A medical malpractice case arises from surgical errors, birth traumas, medical misdiagnoses, anesthesia errors, unreasonable delay in treating or consent failure. Any of these cases need legal assistance.

If you have landed here on this page, chances are high that you are looking for medical malpractice lawyers in Los Angeles. And before you continue your hunt, it is suggested to learn in details about medical malpractice and the job roles of the legal practitioner under such circumstances.

Who are medical malpractice lawyers?

medical malpractice lawyers in Los AngelesMedical malpractice lawyers are the legal bodies that litigate lawsuits based on the negligent conduct of doctors, therapists, technicians, and other medical professionals and healthcare providers. In any of these cases, a medical malpractice lawyer is entitled to bring a lawsuit against the negligent parties, including physicians, doctor’s groups, insurance companies, managed care organizations, hospitals, medical corporations, and clinics

Job roles of medical lawyers

Medical lawyers are usually focused on the task of representing plaintiffs who have been injured due to medical negligence or malpractice or due to a hospital error. Some of the tasks performed by medical lawyers are:

  • Reviewing medical documents, files, and receipts in connection with a medical lawsuit
  • Advising legal clients on their rights during trial
  • Keeping evidences like defective medicines or medical equipment intact and preserved for trial
  • Working with medical experts to develop case theories, expert reports, and testimony to support the plaintiff’s case
  • Setting up independent medical examinations (IMEs) to obtain an objective evaluation of the condition of the injured plaintiff.
  • Working with legal nurse consultants to analyze case merits, review medical records, decipher doctor’s notes and accompany the plaintiff to IMEs.
  • Performing medical research relating to the plaintiff’s condition.

Other fields to focus on by the medical lawyers, if malpractice doesn’t appeal:

  • Showing doctors how to comply with healthcare regulations
  • Checking credentials on job applicants for hospitals
  • Telling businesses how to comply with health privacy laws
  • Legal details of setting up a practice or a partnership
  • Health insurance issues
  • Patent and intellectual property issues related to new inventions or research
  • Patients’ rights vs. the rights of medical professionals
  • Public-health issues such as the regulation of drugs, providing sanitary water and fighting infectious diseases
  • General legal advice for medical businesses, such as real-estate or advertising law

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