How Past Due Child Support Can Affect Your Personal Injury Case

Usually if person got into a car accident or are injured at the fault of another, they are owed compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, and lost wages. But what if the victim has past due child support that they owe? Shouldn’t the past due child support remain completely separate from their personal injury case? Well, not necessarily.

What often happens is that the insurance company can be contacted and they are notified of a lien being placed on the victim’s personal injury matter. Then, the victim is notified that the lien is placed on their matter, and that at the resolution of the case, the lien should be paid. The question is, how much?

There are various mechanisms that a victim can use to try and obtain a portion of the personal injury settlement, but a personal injury attorney should be consulted regarding this matter. To look in the matter of child support, a family law attorney can be consulted regarding this.

However, there is good news. If a victim has past due child support and as a claim for personal injury, they could get their medical bills paid for, and get the treatment that they need. Despite the fact that they may not be able to recover monetarily from the personal injury case, they may be able to get medical treatment to help put them in or near the place that they were before the accident.

If a person has past due child support that they owe, and they are a victim of personal injury, the best thing they can do a consult with a competent attorney to find out what their rights are. Each case is different, so one person’s child support may affect their personal injury claim differently then another person’s. If you are the victim of personal injury, and you owe past due child support, contact the Woodland Hills personal injury car accident lawyers of Kahn Roven at 818-888-9171.

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