Former Columnist Wins Age Discrimination Suit Against L.A. Times

Workplace DiscriminationFormer Los Angeles Times sports columnist T.J. Simers will receive $7.1 million from the paper after winning his age and disability discrimination suit against his ex-employer. 

The case stems from Simers, who was making over $200,000 in his last year with the Times, being let go in favor of a younger, less expensive writer. Simers, who worked at the Times for nearly two decades, also said in his suit that a minor stroke he suffered while covering baseball spring training played a part in his firing.   

Simers filed his lawsuit against the paper in 2013. He claimed the Times used his disability to make working conditions harder. Simers said the paper cut his columns from three to two a week before trying to move him toward writing blogs for the paper’s website. Simers quit the paper following his demotion.

Originally, Simers asked for $18 million in damages, but later lowered his damage request to $12.3 million. After a six week trial and two days of deliberation, a Los Angeles jury awarded Simers $7.13 million. This amount broke down to: $330,358 for past economic damages, $1.8 million for future economic damages, $2.5 million for past non-economic damages, and $2.5 million for future non-economic damages. The Times plans to appeal the verdict.

This case isn’t just a huge victory for T.J. Simers, but for anyone who has seen their career affected by age or medical issues. If you or someone you know is in a similar situation, it will help to have experienced legal help on your side. Contact Kahn Roven, LLP to discuss your situation. 

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