Feds Raid Riverside Nursing Home

Senior AbuseFew would argue that nursing home abuse is a national disgrace. For a country that claims to honor its heritage, we have a poor way of demonstrating it. Yet, investigating, arresting, and prosecuting the at-fault party in nursing home abuse cases remains difficult. Authorities encounter considerable resistance when it comes to prosecuting suspected abusers. In many cases, investigators can’t move forward due to a lack of evidence. But, this hasn’t stopped the FBI from raiding an infamous chain of care facilities in Southern California. 

According to The Press Enterprise, FBI agents raided the Alta Vista Healthcare & Wellness Centre located in Riverside. The raid is part of an on-going investigation into the dealings of the largest nursing facility owner in the state. Alta Vista Healthcare owns and operates nearly 80 different care homes. These homes unfortunately have been cited nearly three times more than any other chain in the state.

Many lawsuits and violations have been reported over the years at Alta Vista Healthcare homes. Investigators are hoping to get to the bottom of the issue. 

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