Corner Report: Girl Died of Natural Causes, Not Roller Coaster

LA Amusement Park AccidentAuthorities have determined that a 10-year-old girl who passed out, and subsequently died, at Six Flags Magic Mountain was the victim of natural causes. The young girl had just stepped off the Revolution roller coaster when she collapsed and fell unconscious. She was breathing when she was airlifted, but ultimately died at the hospital. Her family elected not to conduct an autopsy due to religious beliefs and the girl had no known preexisting conditions that may have led to her demise. By Monday night the amusement park had reopened the ride and indicated that there was no additional proof suggesting that the accident “was in any way ride related.”

As reported by NBC 4, family and friends of the girl were shocked at the news. “We are a small community school where everyone knows each other and we are all saddened beyond words,” said the girl’s teacher at Somis Elementary School. The deceased and her family had traveled to Six Flags to celebrate a graduation. A spokeswoman for the amusement park stated “Our thoughts and prayers are with Jasmine’s family and friends during this difficult time.”

While this particular case was attributed to natural causes, amusement parks can be held liable for any injuries or death that may occur on their property. Amusement parks are also required to post clear warnings about the potential health hazards of riding one of their rides, such as patrons who have high blood pressure should not board the ride. Depending on the level of negligence and injuries involved, families can be entitled to significant compensation.

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