Motorcycle Accident

Learn when it’s best to hire lawyers for personal injury

By Jonathan Roven on June 19, 2018 - Comments off

The thumb rule for any attorney is to listen to the client’s complaints and requirement thoroughly. Regardless of how small or big the issue is, and despite all your best efforts, it might require a lawyer because of the complications and seriousness of the claim. An anecdote about Los Angeles goes that the city will […]


What Happens During Mediation?

By Jonathan Roven on May 8, 2018 - Comments off

Mediation is a means of resolving a personal injury claim in the presence of a neutral third party. It involves a series of peaceful discussions with the intent of reaching an appropriate resolution. A personal injury claim usually involves a series of negotiations in the form of offers and counteroffers between the plaintiff and the […]


KahnRoven for All Kinds of Personal Injury Cases

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Kahn Roven is a reliable and trusted name when it comes to matters pertaining to accidents or personal injuries. The law firm is well-equipped to deal with a complete range of personal injury cases. When you have been involved in accident or suffer an injury due to someone else’s fault, you are entitled to claim […]


Personal Injury – How Much Damages Do You Claim?

By Jonathan Roven on November 7, 2017 - Comments off

Personal injury compensation is a vast minefield that extends much beyond the medical treatment and other costs due to the injury. What you need is a skilled lawyer who can guide you through the situation. What do you do when you have been involved in a car, motorcycle, truck or other accident? Do you suffer […]


Santa Clarita Motorcycle Collision Ends in Fatality

By Robert Kahn on November 26, 2015 - Comments off

A motorcycle accident in Santa Clarita has left one man dead and gallons of water spewing onto the street, according to a news report. The collision happened near the corner of Newhall Ranch Road and Golden Valley Road. The accident was a single rider collision involving a motorcyclist. A man was riding a small dirt bike, and […]

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Lane Splitting Still Legal in California—For Now

By Robert Kahn on August 31, 2015 - Comments off

California motorcyclists currently enjoy a practice that is illegal in most states: lane splitting. Lane splitting, otherwise known as “lane sharing,” is riding a motorcycle between two lanes of traffic going in the same direction. Riders use this technique to weave through congested traffic and save time.

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UC Berkeley Study: Lane-Splitting Safer Than You Think

By Robert Kahn on June 4, 2015 - Comments off

How many times has a motorcycle roared past you while you sat in bumper-to-bumper gridlock, and you thought to yourself – “That is so dangerous.” or “They are going to get killed.” It is common sense after all – we’ve all watched as motorcyclists come dangerously close to clipping mirrors, doors, windows and entire cars […]

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New Bill Targets Lane Splitting

By Robert Kahn on March 6, 2015 - Comments off

For years, motorcyclists across the Golden State have enjoyed the quasi-legal right to split lanes along busy highways and crowded streets. While never truly legal, the practice was also not strictly enforced by police. This has led to what many law enforcement officials consider “limited anarchy,” in terms of safe driving. However, a new bill […]

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Two Wheels vs. Four – Motorcycle Safety For Car Owners

By Robert Kahn on February 11, 2015 - Comments off

It happens at least once or twice in every Angelinos daily commute. No matter what road, highway, avenue or interstate you may take, at least once in that drive, a motorcycle will pass you. For the most part, no matter how brazen it may seem, most motorcycle riders are both well aware of their surroundings […]

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