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Hawkins – Policy Limit Settlement

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A testimonial from an amazing former client!


100 Miles of Los Angeles Streets May Soon See Increased Speed Limits

By Jonathan Roven on January 22, 2019 - Comments off

We are informed that at the end of 2018 the Los Angeles city council decided to increase the speed limits on over 100 miles of streets. The reason for this change is not necessarily to help relieve traffic congestion on some of the more congested streets, but perhaps rather to increase the police’s ability to […]


Don’t Worry About Court Hearing In Personal Injury Claim

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An overpowering apprehension of going to court keeps many a victim from filing a personal injury claim. Sound legal representation will simplify the proceedings and raise your settlement prospects. When you are involved in an accident, workplace injury or even a slip and fall, you are entitled to claim financial compensation from the person at […]


What To Do When Insurance Company Makes A Quick Offer

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Insurance companies have many underhand tactics up their sleeve, one of which is making a low offer very soon after you file the claim. See why it’s prudent to reject this and hold out for more! When you file a personal injury claim against the party-at-fault, things can go two ways. Most insurance companies try […]


Outwitting Insurance Companies at their Own Game!

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In a personal injury case, the guilty person’s attorney or insurance company will have a bag of tricks for avoiding paying the claim. Fall prey to their ploys or arm yourself – the choice is yours! There is good reason to have an accident attorney in Los Angeles, California representing your interests in a personal […]


How Past Due Child Support Can Affect Your Personal Injury Case

By Jonathan Roven on July 15, 2017 - Comments off

Usually if person got into a car accident or are injured at the fault of another, they are owed compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, and lost wages. But what if the victim has past due child support that they owe? Shouldn’t the past due child support remain completely separate from their personal injury […]


Woman Runs Over Man Trying to Steal Purse: Video

By Jonathan Roven on June 29, 2017 - Comments off

Pretty sure this would not fly in California. Although the man is facing many criminal charges, what kind of civil liability would the woman be liable for running this man over. If a man is trying to steal a woman’s purse, he does have his own wrongdoing, which could fall under the defense of “Unclean […]

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Giving a Statement to the Other Side’s Insurance Company

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Giving a statement to the other side’s insurance company can result in lowering the value of your case. Usually what happens is the other side’s insurance company will call you very shortly after the accident and ask you about your injuries. If you are suffering soft tissue damage, you may not be feeling those injuries […]


Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage

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Many drivers that have automobile insurance try and get the lowest premiums. But what does that cost them down the line? We have had several clients who get into a car accidents by someone else’s fault, and then they realize that the person that hit them does not have auto insurance. So what did they […]


Staying Safe on the Road During the Holidays

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As we approach the holidays, many of us are excited about getting together with friends and family, relaxing, and enjoying life. One thing we don’t plan for is getting injured. So from us at Kahn Roven to you, we want to share with you a few tips that we have collected so that you stay […]

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