Kahn Roven, LLP Attorney Referrals

Have A Personal Injury Case You Want To Refer?

We know what it takes in having a personal injury firm that you can put your trust into when choosing where to place your client’s civil matter. Kahn Roven, LLP has been litigating specifically in the area of personal injury for over 30 years and we have received outstanding resolutions for our plaintiffs. Our staff puts in enormous effort in each and every case to get them ready for their day in court. If you have a case of any type or size, we are not above it. Kahn Roven, LLP has the staff and other resources as well as experience necessary to litigate the claim. When you put your client’s case with Kahn Roven, LLP, you can get several benefits:
  • Referral fees according to State Bar Rules
  • Co-counsel agreements
  • Tremendous trial experience

Attorney Referrals are for Any Lawyer

Lawyers may get over their head in legal work, thus requiring the help of another attorney. Or, if you don’t practice personal injury law, then you may not want to handle the case. In many scenarios, you may not want to take the case on or you have taken it as far as you feel comfortable. If you have a personal injury case that you want to refer, contact us today by calling (818) 888-9171. We are happy to look at any personal injury case.