A Child Dead And Three Others Hospitalized After Tragic Hit And Run

Fatal Auto AccidentA 20-year-old man from Costa Mesa is being held on $1 million bail after being involved in a three-car pileup and fleeing the scene last week. The man’s vehicle collided with two other cars, injuring a 28-year-old mother, her 7-year-old son and taking the life of her two-year-old daughter. A woman in another car was also injured and subsequently released from the hospital. Following the collision, the man fled on foot but was eventually caught in a park the next day.

NBC 4 reports that police believe street racing could be the cause of the collision, but an investigation remains underway; if convicted the man faces serious charges with gross vehicular manslaughter and hit-and-run.

Unfortunately, hit and run accidents are an all too common sight on the evening news in southern California. Individuals fearing for their own safety or lives flee the scene, leaving hapless victims to suffer and potentially die from their injuries. Fortunately, in this particular case, the criminal was caught and charged. While the punishment cannot undo the damage that has been done, it serves as a warning for those who would choose to behave in a similar manner.

If a hit-and-run driver is caught they can also face civil charges in the form of a personal injury suit. If you have been injured in a hit and run collision, or lost a loved one as a result, contact Kahn Roven, LLP to review your case options in a free consultation. We can be reach online via our Live Chat option or by calling (844) 9-INJURED.

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