100 Miles of Los Angeles Streets May Soon See Increased Speed Limits

We are informed that at the end of 2018 the Los Angeles city council decided to increase the speed limits on over 100 miles of streets. The reason for this change is not necessarily to help relieve traffic congestion on some of the more congested streets, but perhaps rather to increase the police’s ability to write more traffic tickets.
The increase in speed limits is due to the fact that the city council felt a need to address the issue of alleged outdated and expired speed limits. The planned increase in speed in most areas may be about 5 mph with a few areas increasing the speed by 10 miles per hour. The change in speed limits could allow officers to write more tickets and catch those people who having been ignoring speed limits for a long period of time.
Will The New Speed Limits Make LA Streets Safer?
There are at least two different lines of thoughts as whether the new speed limits will make LA streets safer or actually increase the danger of accidents involving pedestrians, bicyclists or other drivers.
On the one hand the city likely feels that being able to hand out speeding tickets to the worst offenders could make the streets safer for everyone by forcing these people to slow down and take the new speed limits seriously knowing the will be risking fines for continuing to speed.

Road to horizon with a speed limit sign on a side. Vector illustration

Speed limits could soon change.

On the other hand, everyone knows that speed can kill, the faster an automobile is moving the less chance of survival a pedestrian likely has if struck by a car. Citizens may be especially concerned by the increase in speeds in areas where there are schools and school crossings.
Both schools of thought could have merit. Under the old speed limits police officers may have found their hands tied in their attempt to stop speeders in any area where the speed limits could have been too low or had remained the same for over 7 years. This could have put pedestrians and bicyclists at increased risk of being hit by speeding drivers.
With the new speed limits being that could be set to be posted over the next couple of months only time will tell which school of thought is correct. In the meantime, educating pedestrians and bicyclists on how to protect themselves when crossing or traveling in traffic is helpful in keeping everyone safer in the long run.

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